Metal Recycling

domestic services

Domestic Services

At Advanced Metal Recyclers, we can assist with any type of in-home domestic scrap. From the disposal of electrical cables, old whitegoods, hot water systems or metal such as pipes from property renovations, we have it covered.

Simply drop by our conveniently located recycling facility in Capalaba where we weigh your scrap metal and pay you cash on-site.

Car body removals

Car Body Removal

Do you have an unwanted vehicle sitting idle in your garage or backyard? Instead of letting it rust away and take up valuable space, we can pay you top dollar for it! There's no job too big or too small for our team. We can help you dispose of any type of vehicle from cars, trucks, 4WDs to buses.

Either drop off your car scrap to our ferrous metal yard in Capalaba, or let us pick it up for you.

property clearing

Property Clearing Services

At Advanced Metal Recyclers, we offer a high level of service and tailor-made solutions in all aspects of recycling. We can provide you with the necessary equipment for your on-site property clean-up, such as a wide selection of bins, an excavator and bobcat combo along with our Kenworth, and a selection of drop deck and tipper trailers for larger demolition style clean-ups.

commercial industrial

Commercial & Industrial

Advanced Metal Recyclers can cater for all your industrial and commercial scrap metal recycling needs. Whether you require a long-term service, or short-term solution, we can help you. We have worked diligently to develop a loyal customer base across all levels of the business community providing reliable and quality recycling services.

bin services

Bin Services

At Advanced Metal Recyclers we offer a variety of bins to cater for your scrap metal recycling needs. When bins are collected we ensure that all scrap metal is disposed of responsibly and items recycled. We provide a wide range of bin services suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial scrap metal recycling.

our fleet

Our fleet

Our modern fleet of vehicles includes a Tilt Tray Truck with a 5.5 metre tray with an attachment to tow a car on as a second hitch, a Tilt Tray Tow Truck with a 7 metre tray with an attachment to tow a car on as a second hitch, a Crane Truck with a remote controlled crane capable of lifting approximately 4.5 m/t and 8 metre tilt slide tray, and a 45 ft. drop deck trailer capable of carrying large trucks, machinery, buses.