At Advanced Metal Recyclers we are dedicated to providing a service for the recycling of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The service includes up-to-date pricing. Our staff will help you unload and sort items, to ensure you receive the best rate for your scrap metal items.

Located in Brisbane’s Bayside suburb of Capalaba we have two convenient scrap metal yards at:

Non-Ferrous Metal and Ferrous Metal Recycling Yard

12 – 16 Jones Road, Capalaba

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Prohibited Items

Any materials of a dangerous nature or posing an environmental threat cannot be allowed to enter the scrap supply chain. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Materials or items containing asbestos
  • Any materials of corrosive nature or suspected of containing corrosive material.
  • Pressurised Vessels.
  • Flammable materials or containers of flammable liquid.
  • Explosives in any form.
  • Poisonous Materials.
  • Materials which contain or have been contaminated by radioactive substances.
  • Any device still containing ozone
  • Any items or devices still containing oil.

Drums, tanks or any other container from which metal of any other material is to be reclaimed must be empty, fully drained and unsealed. Units, which do not satisfy this criteria will not be received.

Prior to acceptance of any drum, tank or container the nature of the previous contents and safety for re-use will be established. Any material suspected as being an environmental health or safety danger will be rejected.

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